Why do you need to maintain racks in the use process?

In the process of using shelves, in actual works, there are many factors that can affect the structure and quality of products. Some reason causes of failures that require maintenance include:

  • Goods are overloaded by the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Physical impact, impact is the cause of the rack bars deformed.
  • Screws are loose due to objective or subjective factors.
  • The warehouse floor is sinking, affecting the balancing ability of the racks.

If there is no routine maintenance process to promptly detect errors, then Property damage may not be measurable. Besides, it can also threaten the labor safety for warehouse operators.

Conditions to enjoy the maintenance policy

Genuine products of Vinatech Group will enjoy a lifetime maintenance policy to ensure maximum benefits for customers.

Maintenance scope: Vinatech Group performs rack maintenance activities nationwide. We want to bring the best quality service to all customers.

Routine maintenance frequency: every 6 months

Products eligible for maintenance:

  • For warehouse racks: Applicable for orders from VND 200,000,000 or more.
  • For supermarket shelves: Apply to project orders (as committed in the contract)

Maintenance bugs:

  • Beams are bent, sag.
  • Omegas are Deformation.
  • The bracing bars are curved, twisted.
  • Check the fixation of bolts and screws

The process of maintaining racks of Vinatech Group

  • In product maintenance activities, people are the factors that directly affect the process of fault assessment, repair and handling of failures to ensure compliance with standards, and good product operation.
  • With the criterion of providing customers with the best service quality, Vinatech Group focuses on training a team of highly qualified maintenance technicians.
  • Maintenance activities will be actively monitored, updated and notified by Vinatech Group to customers according to the correct process.
  • Customer care staff is responsible for monitoring product maintenance time, updating the status of orders on the software, reviewing orders until the maintenance deadline, then making an official announcement to customers about rack maintenance plans.
  • Employees contact customers, set the time to carry out maintenance activities.
  • Technical staff is present at the maintenance site as scheduled. Check and evaluate the items listed in the maintenance list according to the company’s regulations. Record errors arising in the minutes.
  • Sales and maintenance technicians report back to customers the errors that arise. Advising customers on maintenance plans, replacing accessories when necessary.
  • Technical staff replace defective rack details according to the agreement with the customer. Completing the maintenance process, reporting maintenance results to customers and the Department in charge.
  • Update the maintenance history to the software to track the maintenance cycle.

Contact information

  • Hotline: 086.758.9999 
  • Email: info@vinatechgroup.vn