VNA Racking System - Vinatech Group

VNA Racking System - Vinatech Group

VNA racking (Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking) also known as a rack with a very narrow aisle. This is a combination of Selective rack that optimizes the narrowest possible aisles. The point of note of this type of racking is that a special forklift must be used, which has a higher cost than today’s standard forklifts.

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By using the narrowest aisle racks possible, this is the optimal solution to help you save on construction and rental costs, with a narrow area but still allowing you to store more.

Advantages VNA rack

This type of racking is often applied to warehouses with a narrow area but high height. Helping businesses have a solution to store goods with a large number of pallets, flexible in importing and exporting goods for a small space

  • The aisle of the forklift is small, saving aisle space.
  • Racking height up to 16m.
  • Specialized forklifts with large lifting heights.
  • Increase cargo storage capacity by 50%.
  • Normal load: 1000kg – 2000kg/pallet or more. The load level is quite solid.
  • With guide rails for forklifts.
  • Fits many standard pallet sizes.
  • Suitable for warehouses that need to store a lot of goods.

Applications of VNA pallet racking system

Using the Narrow Aisle racking storage system, you can completely integrate the automatic picking system (ASRS), which is a highly appreciated form of picking today in the world, which can increase efficiency. goods storage. With warehouses with a narrow area, high rent, it is necessary to design a racking system for goods with narrow aisles, to increase the efficiency of palletizing. The ASRS system can help you quickly access the pallets, making it easier to import and export.

Forklifts used for racking Narrow Aisle VNA must be specialized forklifts, and can operate in and out of narrow aisles easily. With the requirement that the forklift truck can import and export goods at any location in the storage warehouse. The selection of forklifts needs to be synchronized with the Narrow Aisle racking system right from the time of design and production. On the market today you can order a forklift separately, there are some types of vehicles that can lift up to a height of 30m.

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) racking is used quite rarely in Vietnam today, due to the high cost of investing in racks, forklifts, and passenger systems. Instead, businesses often choose conventional industrial racks to save costs. This line of racks saves more space than Selective racks, but in Vietnam today the cost of space is quite low, in addition, the warehouse workers do not have the skills to operate this rack line.

VNA racks of Vinatech Group are manufactured under modern technological lines, beautiful and quality products. Not only have warehouse racks, Vinatech is also confident to be the number 1 brand in the field of manufacturing equipment for store racks, supermarket racks… across the country today. We always combine and offer the most enthusiastic solutions and advice to serve our dear customers.


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