Buy products with racks of Vinatech, customers are often confused: How long is the product warranty and how is the warranty process? Vinatech Group would like to answer your questions, as well as introduce the racks warranty policy at Vinatech. 

After completing and installing shelves for customers Vinatech will be responsible for guaranteeing the quality and use value of all equipment for customers, within the warranty period detailed in the Contract Appendix and on the stamp warranty.

Information about rack warranty at Vinatech Group

Warranty period: Warranty from 36 months with supermarket shelf products. Warranty from 12 months with products V rack, warehouse racks, …

– Warranty limit:

  • Device error at the place of production.
  • Errors due to design and installation: Wrong installation design and technical principles cause damage or inactivation of equipment.
  • All warranty costs will be responsible by Vinatech Group.

Warranty policy: Repair or exchange new equipment depending on the degree of damage of the device.

– Warranty conditions:

  • The product is warranted free of charge if the product is still within the warranty period specified in the contract signed by the customer with Vinatech Group. The product is warranted within the warranty period stated in the contract appendix, on the warranty book, the warranty stamp and according to the regulations of each manufacturer for all technical problems.
  • There is a warranty card and warranty stamp of the company or distributor brand on the product.

– Cases not covered by warranty:

Product has expired warranty or lost warranty card.

Customers arbitrarily dismantle, repair, not employees of Vinatech Group.

The product is damaged by fire, explosion, mechanical impact, deformation, falling, breaking, impact, scratched, damaged by moisture, rust, water, animal intrusion, natural disaster, fire, using the wrong voltage specified.

The warranty card, the warranty stamp is torn, the warranty stamp is no longer, the warranty stamp is overwritten, or the warranty stamp is modified (including the original warranty stamp).

Errors caused by user impacts such as: Dropping the device, impact affecting the operation of the product.

Above are some of Vinatech’s product warranty policies, if you have any questions or want to buy shelves, please contact:

Vietnam Vinatech Group Joint Stock Company