Drive in Racking System - Vinatech Group

Drive in Racking System - Vinatech Group

Drive-in/ Drive-through racking system is one type of heavy duty racking system which was designed for pallet storage application. Drive-in racking system can save remarkably warehouse areas from reducing the aisles areas.


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Drive-through racks are similar to Drive-in Rack, which are both heavy duty racks, but allow a forklift to enter from either side to pick up or pull off pallets. Drive – Thru open at both ends, allowing enter, storage and simultaneous output first (FIFO).

This system is applied when the the products is expired and need to be exported or in case the expiry date is primary concern.

Pallet (mm)800 x 12001000 x 1200
Aisles (mm)12001200
R/R Standard (mm)10701070
C/C Standard (mm)13701370

These criterias are in compliance with the Japanese safety standards which has been certified and widely applied in the rack/ shelf manufacture industry today. Based on this standard, Vinatech Group accurately measures system data to assure the product quality gain with ISO 9001: 2008 quality standard.

In the purpose of creating the best quality shelf products to ensure quality and safety criterias as well as meeting the Customer demands and archiving the customer’s storage system.


  • Load Capacity: ≥ 500 kg/ Pallet.
  • Upright: Slotted Upright
  • Loading method: Manual
  • Standard Color: Blue – Orange – Grey (adjustable at the Buyer’s option)
  • Warranty Period: 03 years.

How it works?

  • The structure is similar to Drive-in rack but not be quipped stop pallet systems
  • Racks system consists of railing structure to load the pallets into racks, taking cargoes to take the goods through the shelves.
  • Drive-through racking system takes goods in from one side and takes goods out from the opposite side.
  • By means of controlling,, whichever comes first will be removed first, following the principle of “First in – First out” (FIFO).

Outstanding Advantages

Drive-in racking system is constructed cargo floors by rails to ensure that pallets are stacked side by side according to the depth of the rails supported by the forklift.


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