Push Back Racking System - Vinatech Group

Push Back Racking System - Vinatech Group

Push Back racking is a pallet storage racking system that uses an interlocking slide structure on an inclined chute to increase the density of goods stored in the warehouse. They allow storing extremely large quantities of goods (2 or 3 times more than Selective racks or Double Deep racks).

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The storage performance of the Push Back racking is similar to the Drive in racking, but it can save more time in import and export, because the forklift does not have to run deep inside the shelf but only enters and exits at one end of the shelf.

Highlight of the Push Back rack

Space effectiveness: 90% warehouse area, save 45% compared to other types (V rack, medium duty rack, document shelf).

Save the operating cost: Thanks to maximizing the warehouse area (up to 90%), Push back rack help to save the operating cost effectively.

–  Optimal operating ability: Push Back rack allows access to reach any stuff on the rack.

Lower the road: Push Back rack only needs 1 road. when taken in/ out, the system will open a new road to do.

Technical data and product characteristics

  • Maximum load 2000kg/ pallet.
  • Maximum height: Up to 9m.
  • Depth: 2 – 5 pallets.
  • Slope of slide: 1-2 degrees.
  • Speed ​​of movement: 10-15m/min.

+ Optimize forklift operation, quick import and export process.

+ Optimize warehouse area up to 70%.

+ Only use the LIFO method of import – export.

+ Using gravity-based automatic pallet sledges.

+ Each row is only suitable for 1 product code, goods with the same expiry date.

+ Easy installation, maintenance cost, low warranty.

Mechanism of action

The Pallet storage groove system slopes from the inside to the outside

The interlocking pallet sled is placed on the track. One shelf can hold 2 – 5 pallets and use 1 – 4 sledges. The final pallet will be placed directly on the track.

Push mechanism: the forklift places the pallet on the sled base and pushes inward, the pallets containing the contents are pushed inward and reveal the next sled. At this time, the sled automatically extends. At this time, the sled automatically extends.

Back mechanism: when the forklift takes out a pallet, the pallets inside under the action of gravity will automatically slide back to the top of the row. At that time, the pallet truck is automatically nested.

Application of Push Back rack

  • Used to store canned goods.
  • Storage of production materials in industrial workshops.
  • Store goods according to the LIFO method in transport and logistics warehouses.
  • Store handicraft goods: wood, ceramics, stone,…
  • Store all kinds of import and export goods at the port warehouses.
  • Store goods in cold warehouses.
  • Store all kinds of canned agricultural products: flour, rice, nuts,…

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