Radio Shuttle Racking System - Vinatech Group

Radio Shuttle Racking System - Vinatech Group

Radio shuttle is a semi-automated high-density storage system, which is driven by a remote, the shuttle carts with pallets move in the channel back and forth for transportation, forklift pick up at the end. It’s a perfect option for drive-in racking systems used in cold storage, food and beverage industry and other low level SKUs.

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Shuttle racking solution that adapts to any warehouse, no matter the size of existing space, allowing maximum optimization of the storage volume and reducing the working times.The space utilization of warehouse from 40% up to 80% and automatic order picking efficiency doubled or tripled compared to drive in system.

It has supported WCS, WMS software and is in line with the new generation of Internet of things(IoT)plus era and realized the long-distance monitor and control (no limit of flow).By using the network solve your problem more efficiently and greatly reduce the labor cost.

Technical data of Radio Shuttle racking system

  • Pallets size: 1200 x 1000mm
  • Maximum load 500 – 1500kg/ pallet.
  • Depth: depth up to 40 m, maximum can be up to 20-30 pallets.
  • Height: Maximum can be up to 15-20m.
  • Continuous operating time: Normal environment: 8 hours. Cold storage: 6 hours.


  • Reach up to 80% warehouse’s area high density of products storage.
  • Limitless depth, can reach to 40m or more, and take the most of the space.
  • Save time for take in/ take out stuff.
  • Lower the risk of accident and collision when forklifts do not need to go deeply inside.
  • Flexible between 2 ways of take in/ take out: FIFO and LIFO.
  • Safe in case using sensors to notice the position of pallets needed to be taken out, reinforce the accuracy.
  • Save labor cost, improve the effectiveness of work and inventory circle.
  • Strength, high reliability, long-term products, safe when store large amounts of products.
  • Ideal for storage at low temperature -30 ~ 40 degrees Celsius.

Working principle of radio shuttle rack

Step 1: Forklift places the Robot Shuttle at the location where the goods need to be imported.

Step 2: The forklift proceeds to put the pallet containing the goods into the position of the shelf where the robot is available.

Step 3: Use the remote to send commands to the Shuttle robot to move the pallet.

Step 4: The robot lifts and moves the pallet deep into the set position.

Step 5: After putting the pallet in the correct position, the robot returns to the top of the rack, repeating the operation until the shelf is full, before the last position is filled. The robot is removed and taken to another location to continue operating.

Applications of Shuttle racking

– Suitable for Shuttle warehouses with homogeneous goods, large quantities and need to make the most of warehouse space & area: Food & Beverage, cold storage, Logistics center and Chemical industry…

– Suitable for warehouses with high import and export speed, seasonality.

– Combined with other systems: Depending on the number of pallets, space, purpose of use, shuttle racking can be combined with other racking systems.

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