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The Vinatech Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Rack is a well-liked piece of modern equipment because of its clever assembly design, numerous racks, and wide range of applications. 

The Vinatech Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Rack is the ideal choice if you need to purchase a particular sort of iron rack for goods, storage, planting, or showcasing products. Please see the details below for more information on this kind of rack as well as the most recent price.

Vinatech Slotted Angle Rack Specifications and Construction

Compared to the previous multi-purpose slotted angle rack, Vinatech Slotted Angle Rack is a new type of rack with significant advantages. Without the use of screws and bolts, the rack is completely put together. Iron trays, V-shaped iron bars, Z beam bars, and other materials are used to assemble the rack.

so sánh kệ V

Video comparing multi-purpose slotted angle rack compared to traditional multi-purpose rack


+ Length: 3.3ft; 3.9ft

Width: 15.7 inches

+ Height: 3.3 ft; 6.56 ft

+ Iron: V 1.4×1.4×0.05 inches

+ Number of trays: 2 – 5 floor trays

+ Iron tray

+ Load capacity: 154 – 220 pounds/floor

+ Color: matte black

+ Packaging details: Packed with installation instructions

+ Brand: Vinatech Group

+ Warranty: 36 months

*Note: Vinatech accepts to produce slotted angle racks at the request of customers!

Detailed Product Description

Type Light stand Material Q235B Stainless Steel Cold Rolled
Dimensions (DxRxC):  1000x400x2000, 5 floors

1200x400x2000, 5 floors

Thickness Pillar thickness: 1.4×1.4×0.05 inchesBeam thickness: 1.9 ×0.04 inches
Load capacity:  154 – 220 pounds/floor Material of shelf:  Steel
Surface treatment:  Powder coating Feature Corrosion protection
Color:  Iron rack with black 
Highlights: + The type of rack is fastened, does not use screws and has many floors

+ Easy to disassemble and divide into 2 smaller racks

+ The tray can be adjusted up and down

+ Powder coating technology for smooth surface, easy to clean.

+ High aesthetic design

Vinatech Slotted Angle Rack Structure

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Latest Price of Vinatech Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Rack Updated in 2023

What is the price of a set of Vinatech Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Rack?

Vinatech would like to provide you with the following quote for the racks we manufacture:


No. Items Dimension Set Quotation ($/tier)
1 5-tier Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Rack D1000xR400xC2000 mm Set $9
D1200xR400xC2000 mm Set $10.3
2 2-tier Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Rack D1000xR400xC800 mm Set $7.8
3 3-tier Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Rack D1000xR400xC1000 mm Set $7.8
4 4-tier Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Rack D1000xR400xC1500 mm Set $7.8
5 6-tier Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Rack D1200xR400xC2000 mm Set $9

*Please note that the price list above is a quote for a full set of 5-tier Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Rack from Vinatech, exclusive of VAT, and is provided merely as a guide. Rack prices are subject to change at any time. Please call our hotline at +84 86 758 9999 to get the most recent price information.

The application of the Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Rack

– Used as a rack for storage, for documents, for hanging clothes

– Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Racks are also used as racks for growing vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants

– Used as warehouse iron racks, multi-purpose racks, storing groceries, etc.

– Making racks for family warehouses, drugstores, grocery stores, supermarkets, etc.

kệ sắt v trang trí

Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Rack application made for decoration

Những món đồ nội thất cho văn phòng không thể thiếu

Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Rack is used as a shelf for files and documents


Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Rack is used as a warehouse rack

Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Rack installation guidelines

Vinatech will assist with the full installation of Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Rack for customers. In order to make it simple for you to disassemble the product at home, we still want to help you install the rack yourself.

Video Showing the Installation of Vinatech Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Racks

What Makes Vinatech Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Racks a Good Choice?

báo chí nói về kệ v vinatech newspaper talks about Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Rack Vinatech

Many significant businesses have heard of Vinatech because of its constant quality improvement. Vinatech racks have consistently been featured in important Vietnamese newspapers as,, and This attests to Vinatech’s Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Racks’ superior quality.

The creation and operation of Vinatech’s No. 2 factory to secure the supply of racks and significant losses for clients was recently the subject of a story in the newspaper.

Vinatech will undoubtedly make racks more quickly and of higher quality once the large facility No. 2 opens as planned.

A Few Images of The Installation of the Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Rack for clients

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Images of The Installation of the Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Rack for clients

The basic and succinct information about Vinatech Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Rack is presented above. We deliver Multi-purpose Slotted Angle Rack to cities all around Vietnam and over the world. For assistance in purchasing these kinds of racks, please get in touch with us.

We are prepared to assist you with advice and rack installation as a leading manufacturer and supplier of racks in Vietnam. For the quickest assistance, contact us at +84 86 758 9999 via our hotline.


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