Industrial racks are specialized warehouse racks for industry, load capacity from 500kg each tier. Using industrial racks can optimize up to 90% of the warehouse area, scientifically arranged goods, optimization storage and transportation costs for enterprise. So, how many types of industrial racks are there?

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What is industrial racking?

Industrial racking is a device to support goods in a warehouse, used for goods storage for industries. There are many industrial racks, classified by characteristics, management methods or the ability to minimize the area of ​​the warehouse.

Industrial racks are specialized warehouse racks for industry, load capacity from 500kg each tier. Using industrial racks can optimize up to 90% of the warehouse area, scientifically arranged goods, optimization storage and transportation costs for enterprise. Industrial racks assurance to follow up with our country’s developed manufacturing industry.


Industrial Racking

Most industrial racks store goods with pallets. Structure industrial racks include: Upright Omega, beams,  horizontal bracing bar, diagonal bracing bar, supports, cross beam, track, robot…. They are designed with high thickness… Industrial racks use powder coating technology that can antioxidant, limit metal corrosion, and have high aesthetics.

10 popular industrial racks of Vinatech Group

Industrial racking has many types. In which, the following 10 types are the most popular.

1. Selective Rack

Selective rack is the most popular rack. Selective rack allows to move any pallets in the rack without interfering with other pallets.

Highlight of the Selective rack

– Support to stock in/ stock out procedure quickly and smoothly. Easy for inventory management.

– No need to follow the principle of FIFO/ LIFO method, as the forklifts could access the taken products directly.

– Flexible design, easy adjustable, maximizing storage capacity.

– Selective rack is suitable with a variety of products/ dimensions and specifications.

2. Double Deep Rack

Double Deep rack is one type of Selective rack which is made up by 20 adjoining racks in order to save the warehouse space efficiently from eliminating storage area for aisles.

Double Deep Racking

Highlight of the Double Deep

– Pallets on the deep inside are taken in/ taken out by a special type of forklift with extended fork and moved inside to take the pallet in/ out of the system.

– Loading capacity is higher than Selective rack.

– Optimize warehouse space by eliminating storage area for aisles.

– Loading Capacity and height level depend on the forklift’s ability.

– Stock in/ stock out compliant with the LIFO principle.

3. Drive-in rack

Drive-in rack is highly economical efficiency due to saving full space of warehouse storage and eliminating storage area for aisles. These rack types are suitable for containing homogeneous pallets of products and large density. This system provides maximum storage capacity by taking advantage of nearly all the warehouse space.

Highlight of the Drive-in

– Maximum utilization of warehouse space.

– Forklifts can take goods from deep inside actively.

– Systems design is suitable with LIFO or FIFO methods depending on storage demand.

– Meet a variety of industrial sector demand including basic industries: Food, seafood, cold storage…

– Eliminating storage area for aisles.

– Steady structure design, highly safe in compliance with FEM (EU) standard, match with highest safety loads level.

– Easy and quick assembly.

4. Mezzanine rack

Mezzanine also known as Mezzanine rack which can load the maximum capacity up to 500kg/m2, helps to utilize the space of warehouse, workshop, factory, office or supermarket efficiently by expanding double/ triple the surface area.

Kệ sàn Mezzanine

Mezzanine rack

Mezzanine was selected as the most optimality choice for efficient economical storage solution at no additional expenses for new warehouse construction investment.

Highlight of the Mezzanine rack

– Variety size and design which are suitable for different demands.

– High load capacity up to 500kg/m2.

– Expanding double/ triple the surface area.

– Easy assembly, removability.

– Easy mounting with similar shelves to utilize the space of storage.

– Saving cost by expanding the premises instead of new warehouse construction investment.

5. Cantilever racking 

Cantilever racks are designed to apply for different sizes of goods, which are suitable for the textile and apparel industry with large rolls of fabric, loads capacity from hundred to several thousand kilograms. Or application in the wood processing industry, furniture, steel coils, box steel, steel pipes, large-sized paper rolls, wire coils…

Highlight of the Cantilever racking 

– Cantilever rack with optimal design to take load capacity from 500 – 1500 kg/ level.

– Suitable for specialized forklift or manual stackers.

– Easy to disassemble and adjust the height of the floor and the cantilever flexibility.

– 100% accessibility ability.

– Anable for storage of a variety of sizes.

– Vertical length for storage up to 6 meters.

6. Mold Rack

Mold rack provides space-efficient solutions for storing products of all shapes and sizes. It is ideal for both low and high-rise storage and order picking applications.

Using Euro Storages components, Mold rack can be supplied with a variety of rack types from chipboard and steel shelves to wire decking, with dividers for order picking applications. It can also be installed as a stand-alone system, or it can be integrated into the lower levels of rack applications.

It can also be varied to accommodate long span shelves, making it particularly useful for bulky loads.

– Versatile storage system for non-palletized goods

– Variety of rack types for different applications

– Constructed from Euro Storages components, making it ideal for heavy-duty operations.

7. Mobile Rack

Mobile rack is a system with horizontal mobile track which allows it to close any ways when it is not in use. Ways can be opened by automatic systems or by hand. Mobile rack is suitable for pallets with less SKU, confidential products, high value products… requires safety like jewelry, documents, electronic components, and freeze warehouses.

mobile rack

Mobile Rack

Highlight of the Mobile rack

– Systems have high storage capacity up to 90% compared to others, can store more goods, save lighting cost, heating and cooling.

– Able to remote control. Flexible in control and could be automatic or semi-automatic.

– Flexible in changing ways in the rack.

– Good at privacy.

– Control the distance of the rack in the evening for circulating the cool air (Freeze warehouse).

8. Narrow Aisle rack

Narrow Aisle industrial racking is the optimal type of racking for large industrial warehouses and have a height. They have similarities with Selective and Double Narrow Aisle shelves that have an average height of up to 17m.

Highlight of the Narrow aisle rack

– Optimizing the height of the warehouse to store goods, avoiding waste, so the shelves are suitable for warehouses with high roofs.

– Narrow aisle  racks operate on the principle of first-in, first-out, suitable for storing many different types of goods such as industrial goods, fashion, electronics, construction materials, food,….

– Control 100% of pallets of goods on shelves, limiting confusion and unnecessary losses.

– The forklift’s ability to access the goods off the rack is up to 100% to facilitate the import and export of goods.

9. Push Back rack

Push back racking is a pallet storage system that uses an interlocking sled structure placed on an incline. Using gravity and the inclination of the chute to create a push mechanism for flexible import and export.

Highlight of the Push Back rack

– Space effectiveness: 90% warehouse area, save 45% compared to other types (V rack, medium duty rack, document rack).

– Save the operating cost: Thanks to maximizing the warehouse area (up to 90%), Push back rack help to save the operating cost effectively.

–  Optimal operating ability: Push Back rack allow to reach any stuff on the rack.

– Lower the road: Push Back rack only needs 1 road. when taken in/ out, the system will open a new road to do.

10. Flow rack

Flow rack is a static system associated with roller and gravity to push stuff move forward without human and electronic power. Flow rack only has 1 road to take in and another road to take out.


Flow rack

Highlight of the Flow rack

– Control inventorial products thanks to first in, first out (FIFO).

– Decrease 75% the way in comparison to selective racks which improve the density of stuff storage.

– Lower the labor cost and forklift.

– Ability to reach products well, and any pallet size. Save time, space and labor force.

Vinatech Group – The company that manufactures top quality industrial rack

Vinatech Group is the leading professional manufacturer of shelves from storage, storage, supermarkets, etc. in Vietnam. All are invested methodically from the factory system to automated assembly technology. Vinatech’s products use high quality hard iron material, which is automatically electrostatically coated, so it is durable and anti-oxidation.

  • Modern design, convenient for use in modern warehouses.
  • Using high safety, against the force of goods impact.
  • The price is extremely favorable, customers with high demand will be able to buy at the original price from the manufacturer, without going through any intermediaries.

Vinatech Group provides industrial storage racks in Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh and neighboring provinces such as Bac Ninh, Dong Nai, Binh Duong,… Coming to Vinatech, you can not only choose the right shelves but also buy them at the cheapest price in the market compared to the quality they bring. Prestigious quality warranty, transportation and installation support. Contact us immediately at hotline: 086.758.99999 or leave information for advice below.

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