Opening a milk and diaper shop is the need of many individuals and business units today. Vinatech Group is a unit specializing in the production and installation of supermarket shelves, display shelves for the system of diaper milk shops, grocery stores, household goods, among other things. The project Install supermarket shelves in Binh Phuoc province for the Dong Anh milk distribution system information and images are provided below.

Some Background Information About the Project

Investor: Dong Anh Milk Distribution System

Location: Binh Phuoc province

Category: Supermarket shelves in Binh Phuoc

Area: > 538 ft2

Type of shelf used: corrugated iron supermarket shelf, seamless corrugated supermarket shelf

Situation and Solutions Vinatech Advises Customers

Vinatech Group advised on the selection of corrugated iron supermarket shelves for the Dong Anh milk distribution system. These are the two most popular display shelves on the market today, with a modern and luxurious design to help display milk and diapers, as well as more beautiful utensils.

The standard white shelf color brightens the entire store and highlights outstanding and appealing products.

Vinatech designs and manufactures floor trays in accordance with the actual needs of its customers. Customers are extremely pleased with the quality of the sturdy shelves and the high load capacity after the installation is completed. Particularly noteworthy is the attentive and dedicated customer service attitude.

Image of Vinatech Installation of Supermarket Shelves for Dong Anh Milk Distribution System 

Here are some images from the the above project:

installation of supermarket shelves

installation of supermarket shelves 1

installation of supermarket shelves 2

installation of supermarket shelves 3

What Distinguishes Vinatech Supermarket Shelves From Others On The Market?

When compared to popular supermarket shelves on the market today, Vinatech Group’s supermarket shelves have significant differences in product quality and design.

The details of the shelves, such as the base of the pillar, the tray, the bass handle, the back shield, and so on, are all thickly manufactured to increase the load capacity of the goods while also assisting in the display of beautiful and luxurious goods.

Here are some highlights of Vinatech Group installation of supermarket shelves:

– All pillars, trays, bass arms, braces, fences, and shelf backs are standard thickness.

– Pillars are made of high-grade iron type 1 and welded by automatic robots, making them more aesthetically pleasing and solid.

– The tray is designed to be wider in order to accommodate more goods. The bass handle has four thick lugs, which increases bearing capacity and makes the cargo tray safer.

Use lovely and safe mica braces. The large, thick fence design aids in firmly securing the fence joint.

Vinatech Group Supermarket Shelves Are The First Choice Of Milk Distribution Stores

Vinatech has invested in the most advanced automated manufacturing machinery system to produce shelves of varying quality. Typical examples include automatic painting lines, rolling forming lines, and automatic welding robots.

Vinatech Group is currently the number one supermarket shelf manufacturer in the Vietnam market, as well as the first choice of diaper milk shops, mother and baby stores, and other businesses in need of shelves.

All Vinatech purchases are warranted for 36 months from the date of installation. Furthermore, while using the product, customers can easily contact Vinatech Group for advice on how to preserve and maintain shelves to increase long-term use.

Please call Hotline 086.758.9999, and Vinatech Group will assist you in selecting the most cost-effective display shelf model. Vinatech is proud to serve customers all over the country.

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