Vinatech recently completed production and turned over the Thien Long advertising shelf project to the company for use as display shelves in supermarkets, stores, and retail bookstores across the country. 

Vinatech becomes Thien Long’s sole shelf manufacturing partner due to its ability to store goods in large quantities and suitability for stationery products with high aesthetics.

Thien Long Seeking Quality Advertising Shelves at Reasonable Prices

Thien Long Group Joint Stock Company was founded in 1981 as Thien Long ballpoint pen establishment. Thien Long ballpoint pen company was renamed Thien Long Manufacturing-Trading Co., Ltd. in 1996. This is a company that specializes in the production of stationery and art tools in Vietnam.

thien long advertising shelf project

Thien Long Company has long been the market leader in domestic stationery, accounting for 55% of the domestic pens market (according to a research report by AC Nielsen Vietnam).

Thien Long is capable of producing molds for plastic injection molding machines used to produce pens, and other high-quality products in the field of pens today. The company’s mold-making technical level is higher than that of Taiwan and China’s mold products.

With the use of domestic raw materials, synchronous modern machinery technology aids in the creation of price competition for products sold in Vietnam, making them more accessible to a wider range of customers. Thien Long Company’s product lines are divided into four categories: pens, school tools, office tools, and art tools.

thien long advertising shelf project

Since 2010, the company has grown by establishing sub-brands such as Bizner, Colokit, Point 10, and Flexoffice. Thien Long is looking for a company that produces professional advertising shelves to increase its marketability to customers in order to advertise and market new products.

Vinatech Shelves with Different Quality in the Market

Thien Long decided to sign a contract for the production of advertising shelves with Vinatech after a period of searching for suppliers of advertising shelves both at home and abroad. Vinatech is a market-leading manufacturer and supplier of advertising shelves, supermarket shelves, and display shelves.

thien long advertising shelf project

The shelf is of exceptional quality, thanks to the production of high-grade iron and steel from Hoa Phat and Hoa Sen. Using cutting-edge machinery imported from Europe, such as a rolling forming line, a two-layer electrostatic spraying line, and an automatic welding robot line. Vinatech advertising shelving products can hold between 66 and 110 pounds per tray.

Color, size, quantity, floor tray, load capacity, and wheel system are all customized for each model of advertising shelf. Customers can use the shelf continuously for 10-15 years without it degrading or becoming damaged. Customers can save money on shelves by removing the banner at the top of the shelf and replacing it with a new model.

Vinatech’s Process for Completing Customer Shelves

Customers who purchase advertising shelves will be guided through the following steps:

B1: Create an advertising shelf drawing as required.

B2: Advice on selecting the best shelf for customers

B3: Carrying out advertising shelf production

B4: Deliver and set up shelves for customers.

B5: Customer consultation during use

Vinatech’s modern production lines of advertising shelves are ISO: 2008 quality certified due to the use of quality raw materials and a system of modern machinery and equipment.

For detailed advice on advertising shelves or to learn more about display support shelves, please call us at 086.758.9999 for the quickest free consultation. Vinatech also offers slotted angle racks, cheap iron shelves, and other items. If you have any questions, please contact Vinatech.

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