Vinatech completed the paint Primus advertising shelves project for Phuong Vy paint manufacturer. Vinatech is the first choice for consumers searching for a producer of display and storage iron shelves because of its exceptional product quality and cheap pricing.

Customers that require assistance or guidance in creating advertising shelves, display shelves, or supermarket shelves could call us at 086.758.9999.

The following is information on a project we completed for customers.

Project Information

– Project: Primus Paint Shelf

– Client: Phuong Vy Paint Production Company

– Quantity: > 200

– Delivery time: January 2021

Details About the Project

For the first time, Phuong Vy Paint Company collaborated with Vinatech to create advertising shelves for the company’s stores and retail branches. Following a search for a manufacturer, the company chose Vinatech due to its high shelf quality, reasonable price, consultation support, and detailed product design.

Vinatech manufactures the Phuong Vy paint shelf based on customer specifications and the recommendations of our experienced technicians. Vinatech constantly prioritizes the accuracy of production time to hand over the order at the time of contract signing with bulk orders. Product information:

– Color: Orange

– Number of floor trays: 4 trays

– Back corrugated iron: mesh

– Wheel size: bottom plate 450mm, floor wheel 350mm

– Tray thickness: 0.8mm

Quality of Vinatech products is leading in the market

The shelves manufactured by Vinatech meet the strictest quality standards, especially the shelves have achieved ISO 9001 – 2015 certification.

– Production on modern machinery lines, high automation over 80%

– Powder coating 2 layers with world leading quality powder coating.

The solid paint layer helps protect from external factors such as termites, mold, oxidation, rust…

Vinatech Shelves and Racks Are Of the Highest Quality on the Market

Vinatech shelves fulfill the most stringent quality standards, with the shelves achieving ISO 9001 – 2015 certification.

– Production on advanced machinery lines, with over 80% automation.

– Powder coating two layers with world-class powder coating.

The solid paint layer protects against external causes including termites, mold, oxidation, and rust…

– Actively produced from A-Z, clients purchase shelves directly from the manufacturer at factory pricing, no middlemen.

– Detailed 2D-3D design consultation for all customers, support measurement, site survey, shop setup, and all installation and use problems.

– Long-term warranty ranging from 12 to 24 months.

– Simple payment via cash or bank transfer

– Consulting assistance throughout the usage process.

Image of Paint Primus Advertising Shelves

paint primus advertising shelves
paint primus advertising shelves
paint primus advertising shelves
paint primus advertising shelves
paint primus advertising shelves
paint primus advertising shelves
paint primus advertising shelves

Customers that require advertising shelves for new products, new projects, brand advertising, or supermarket shelves should contact us at 086.758.9999 for the quickest advice and estimate. Vinatech is delighted to assist you.

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