Vinatech Completes Nutifood Advertising Shelves Project

Vinatech completed Nutifood advertising shelves project, which will be displayed in retail stores and supermarkets. Vinatech becomes a partner for many large units in the market due to its quality and reasonable price. Customers who require shelves for advertising and display should contact us at 086.758.9999 for assistance.

Nutifood Chooses Advertising Shelves For Its Retail System

Nutifood is a Vietnamese company that specializes in nutritional foods. NutiFood Vietnam, a brand that was present in the Asian market very early, is now focusing not only on developing in the domestic market but also on developing in other countries in the region.

nutifood advertising shelves project

NutiFood leaders have had the first shipments to the Chinese and Philippine markets since 2017. Then comes a successful launch in potential markets like Korea, Japan, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar… In addition to conventional dairy products, NutiFood has special treatment products that are imported by many countries, particularly those in Africa.

NutiFood’s condensed milk line is a true strength, as well as a reason for many partners to learn about and want to work with NutiFood. NutiFood is currently focusing on developing parallel brands such as instant coffee with the Nuticafé product line in order to expand the market, segment, and target customers.

nutifood advertising shelves project 1

NutiFood establishes Nuticafé’s immediate goal of reaching all points of sale, from supermarket channels to grocery stores. With the long-term goal of introducing Vietnamese culinary products to the rest of the world. NutiFood prefers to use compact advertising shelves at points of sale across the country for direct marketing.

Vinatech Provides High-quality Advertising Shelves

NutiFood’s leaders chose Vinatech as the supplier of all specialized shelves for their market development project after researching and selecting suppliers to produce shelves in the market.

nutifood advertising shelves project 2

Vinatech is a manufacturer of advertising racks, supermarket shelves, and racks with over ten years of experience in bringing high-quality products at reasonable prices. Vinatech shelves are made of high-quality Hoa Phat and Hoa Sen iron and steel materials that can be stored for 10-15 years without being damaged or degraded.

Vinatech employs cutting-edge technology in its manufacturing processes, such as a roll forming line, an automatic welding robot line, and a two-layer electrostatic spraying line. Shelves not only improve display performance but also have a high aesthetic value; customers can remove the decal and reuse the shelf to save money.

36-month Warranty, Professional Advice

Products manufactured by Vinatech are guaranteed for 36 months for all customers. Customers coming to Vinatech will receive the following incentives:

– Free consultation to choose the right shelf and rack 

– Free to design 3D, 2D according to customer requirements

– Discount for each project order

– Support customers with transportation and installation

– Support to produce more, change, and upgrade designs

– Ready to advise customers during use

– Ensure on-time delivery of orders

– Quick and convenient payment by cash or bank transfer.

Vinatech ensures that, in addition to providing quality advertising shelves, it also provides shelves at the most competitive prices to consumers. Customers interested in learning, purchasing advertising shelves, supermarket shelves, goods storage shelves, or racks should contact us at 086.758.9999 for a free quote and consultation. Vinatech is delighted to assist you!


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