Vinatech Group maintains its reputation in the rack manufacturing industry by supplying and installing high-quality racking system for numerous large projects. Vinatech recently delivered a solution to install modern racks, optimize space, and increase large storage capacity at the Strading warehouse in Hanoi’s Long Bien district.

Information About Racking Project at Strading Company

– Investor: Strading Company (a subsidiary of Shopee)

– Location: Industrial Cluster 2, Long Bien District, Hanoi Capital

– Category: Racks in Hanoi

– Area:

– Type of rack used: Selective Rack

Actual S-trading Warehouse Situation and Vinatech Solutions

S-warehouse trading’s stores many items of various sizes as a subsidiary of Shopee with a diverse range of products and services. 

Installing racks is a reasonable investment plan for making the warehouse space more neat, optimizing the storage area, and facilitating the import and export of goods.

To speed up the continuous import and export process, S-trading wishes to install a heavy duty racking system suitable for storing a variety of goods and forklifts.

Vinatech Group was chosen as Strading’s installation and support partner for the warehouse system. Selective racking is an ideal storage solution for a large volume of goods that are diverse in type, size, and load.

Selective racks are bolted together, and the rack frame can be easily disassembled and moved as needed. The height between floors can also be adjusted flexibly to accommodate the size and weight of a wide range of goods. 

Import and export activities, as well as inventory management, are simplified by optimizing direct access to pallets, which is now suitable for all types of forklifts. 

Customers can store and arrange boxes and bags neatly in the cargo compartment because it is tall and spacious.

Image of Racking System S-trading Company, Industrial Cluster 2, Long Bien District, Hanoi Capital

Vinatech racking was chosen by S-trading company for its storage warehouse. Vinatech racks are designed to meet the needs of the user while also ensuring high quality and safety.

Racks are designed to be strong, load bearing, and long lasting. A photo of the actual racking project installed by Vinatech at S-trading is shown below. Below are some detailed images of the project:

racking system

Why Do Customers Always Put Their Trust in Vinatech?

Products are manufactured in-house using a synchronous and modern production line system and technology that meets ISO 9001: 2015 standards. To ensure the highest quality, all products are rigorously tested before shipment.

– Constantly innovating and providing creative solutions to meet the demands of modern life.

– On-time installation, proper technique, quick, and professional

– Skilled, highly specialized personnel, dedicated advice, and 24-hour customer service

– Warranty, upkeep, attentive customer service, and prestige

If you have a need to install racks, please contact us:

Vinatech- the leading manufacturer and installer of racking in Vietnam. Currently, Vinatech has 3 representative offices in 3 regions, customers who want to consult the rack model directly can go to:

Vietnam Vinatech Group Joint Stock Company

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