Vinatech Group, with over ten years of experience in manufacturing and installing racking, is currently the first choice of business owners when it comes to installing racking. Vinatech Group recently completed racks installation at Ngoc Son Company in Quan Son District, Thanh Hoa Province.

Information About Racks Installation at Ngoc Son Company in Thanh Hoa

– Investor: Ngoc Son Joint Stock Company

– Location: Trung Ha commune industrial cluster, Quan Son district, Thanh Hoa province

– Category: Racks in Thanh Hoa

– Total warehouse area: 32,290 ft2

– Racks type: Selective racks

The rack system used includes: 120 racks of D3000x4 floors, 20 racks of D3000x2 floors. Total 1040 pallets, load capacity 4400 pounds per floor.

racks installation at ngoc son company

Actual Situation of Warehouse of Ngoc Son Joint Stock Company

Ngoc Son Joint Stock Company manufactures and processes beds, cabinets, tables, and chairs out of wood, bamboo, and cork. As a result, a large amount of supplies and materials for production activities must always be stored in the warehouse. Storage goods come in a wide range of varieties. As a result, the company has decided to invest in a racking system for heavy goods storage in the warehouse.

Vinatech Group Consults on Installing Racks

Vinatech Group immediately dispatched experts and experienced technicians to the project site to survey and measure the area. Exchange details about the needs of use, the customer’s wishes, and the load of goods storage at the same time. Since then, we’ve developed the best, most cost-effective way for the investor to use the Selective racking system.

Vinatech Group advises and installs Selective racking systems for warehouses with a large warehouse space, diverse storage needs of goods, and continuous import and export requirements. This type of racks combines numerous noteworthy benefits:

– Adaptable to a wide range of goods, pallets, and loads

– Compatible with the majority of forklifts on the market.

– Handling inventory efficiently and saving time

– Meeting the demand for continuous goods import and export

Overview of Rack Installation Project For Ngoc Son Thanh Hoa Joint Stock Company.

Let’s take a look at this project’s racking system in the video below:

Vinatech Group – A Reputable Manufacturer of Racks

As a unit with more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying racks, Vinatech Group has been a partner of many large enterprises. We have helped millions of customers to set up their warehouse safely and efficiently. The reputation of the company has been confirmed by the quality of work and trust from customers over the years.

Vinatech Group offers:

– Hundreds of high-quality rack models in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles…

– High quality products: All Vinatech racks are made from grade 1 steel that meets JIS G3141 standards. The electrostatic powder coating surface is even, bright, and beautiful, as well as anti-rust, abrasion, and high durability.

Products are directly manufactured in large-scale factories, automated lines, and distributed to customers, resulting in the most competitive prices.

Vinatech Group commits to:

– Time and construction quality guarantees. Vinatech’s racking services all promote safety and technical accuracy. We are confident that with a team of professional technicians, we will complete the project on time, as promised in the contract.

– Free consultation and site survey; free warehouse design board. Vinatech Group also advises you on the best rack for the space and provides the most cost-effective solutions for investors.

– Local transportation support, quick installation

– Long-term rack warranty, detailed maintenance policy

– A professional and enthusiastic team of technicians, from consulting to construction and installation.

Customers who require rack advice or installation should contact Vinatech Group immediately at Hotline: 086.758.9999 for a completely free consultation. Alternatively, leave a comment below the article and we will answer all of your questions.


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